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5:11The Sharks Taste Grasshopper Chips! | CNBC Prime
10:19The Profit In 10: Montiel | CNBC Prime
The Profit In 10: Montiel | CNBC PrimeÁhorf 7 þ.22 dögum síðan
9:56American Greed Bonus Edition: In Harm’s Way
10:26The Profit In 10: Los Gemelos | CNBC Prime
The Profit In 10: Los Gemelos | CNBC PrimeÁhorf 16 þ.Mánuði síðan
10:19The Profit In 10: SmithFly | CNBC Prime
The Profit In 10: SmithFly | CNBC PrimeÁhorf 15 þ.Mánuði síðan


  • tim has his arms crossed...defensive as jay's collection dwarfs all

  • See America...there are a few really good Republican politicians who really do care about our country and its people that aren't racist.

  • Is this man the name Chris Farley wrote as the answer to his college test in Tommy Boy ?

  • Garth, you look like you are baked.

  • Man, they have great chemistry. This was a joy to watch!

  • Best man intelligent 🧠🧠🧠 person for real

  • Who lived here? im too impressed. This is by far the best estate/mansion I ever saw.

  • “Cause it’s badass and supercool”-Elon Musk 🙌🏽🔥

  • God that's ugly

  • Two of the nicest guys in show business.

  • Very good Hairy Balls. Now go home and get your fkn shine box!

  • JUST in 25 years. lol ok

  • real estate tax 2 % of buy price

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  • This episode is old

  • I always love watching these vids and thinking “those peeps on the road have no idea who they’re driving next to”

  • 97% of all Alfa Romeos made since 2016 are still on the road. The rest have made it home successfully.

  • Sorry - looks kinda dated and dark. It’s huge but oddly the rooms seem cramped...

  • There is a book, written by a surgeon, in which it is claimed that 95% of surgeons are psychopaths. Apparently psychopaths make the best surgeons ... until they go "off the rails". At my local hospital here in the UK there were at least two attempts by family members of patients who had died after minor operations to prosecute the surgeon involved. The pathologist's reports supported the surgeon. Some time later the pathologist was prosecuted for making a deliberately false report on a man who had died after being shoved off his feet, pushed from behind, by a policeman.

  • Saving your money and investing it into stock market will be the wisest thing to do to ensure success

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  • Biden wants to take away his hard earned success and decentivise anyone from achieving their prosperity

  • That was so funny.

  • Anyone think that throwing that hat could make it a dangerous weapon…

  • The design grows on you.

  • You think they just has an easy rise to the top..NO. I am so happy for their success...seem like good people.

  • They should have counteroffer for a third part ( 33.33%) . 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Deserve everything he works for.

  • who is the other black shark? Not daymond..the other black guy? anybody knows?

    • nevermind..i just googled him

  • Billy Krystal, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Muhammad Ali walk in a bar, and Ali starts doing a magic trick..... the beginning of a thousand jokes!

  • A car collection with a love story and a movie ending... now that's never been done before, right?

  • Wooden bowties, lapel pins, and hats? So they're selling to hipsters....

  • Hat looked nice on Daymond

  • love this

  • You look marvelous.

  • Ah yes, love the kid stickers and the kid swimming pool.

  • Daymond looks like a suave Lou Bega. Mambo No. 5!!!

  • I'm sure this was a good day, with fun and laughs. Thanks for sharing.

  • He also murdered someone and threw the body at a dump. While his court case was in line for review he payed the lawyers and judges huge sums of money to disappear the evidence and papers. The man might be a billionaire but his track record isn’t very clean.

  • Wow I hate Jay Leno

  • That sure was a lot of drama

  • Barbara: i wasnt on this episode therefore im out

  • Diesels got bullet proofed engines. Tesla comes bullet proofed from factory. (Only windows) Lol 2021

  • 2 class acts!!

  • You will be SUPER RICH in JUNE 2021 like this if you agree 👍💥💥👍💥👍💥👍💥👍💥👍💥👍💥👍

  • I could see Bill with a Talk Show

  • I miss Billy in the Oscars

  • So you got to pay them to take your junk and they turn around and sell your junk of course his making bank 🏦

  • Letterman concentrating on his beard and coco puff no where near Jimmy Fallon,You did it Sir.

  • The map of Punjab in India was miles off

  • Wow! I thought the profit margin would be much higher.

  • Fantastic 👍🏻

  • Seinfeld: “only way to be a comedian is to go on stage and spill your guts out, blablabla...” Leno: “Or you can just be funny” Seinfeld: ???

  • Where is the coffee? Oh, wait. Wrong show.

  • Money don't buy you taste. What a gaudy house.

  • “You didnt drop out of elementary school to pursue your dream. For that reason I’m out” - Barbara

    • Those lazy good for nothing kids

  • Stunning car.

  • Great story 👍🇺🇸

  • Billy, the ARRnolDD Zinger, "and You run a State", was sharp.

  • If this dude became president time for civil war.

  • This is great

  • What a piece of crap car

  • This show is like crack for me.

  • Foolish lady... Didn't even listen to other offers esp Mark

  • I didn’t realize how much I enjoy these two clowns get together. Timeless!

  • Does this top Enron in the depth and breadth of scandal?

  • Who wouldn't like this show?

  • Did I miss the speechless part?

  • These things will be vandalized by a spring loaded center punch that will costs a ton to fix

  • First class!

  • Have always been a Billy Crystal fan(and Leno), but now that I know Crystal owned a Capri, he's definitely moved up a few notches in my book :-)

  • I think Lori's quick offer left the other sharks speechless.


  • I think Billy is one of the best people to ever be in show business. A wonderful human being, loved his films, and his comedy.

  • The gas station from the Houses Of 1000 Corpses??🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • ooh daddy big brother get all inside me with that micro chip 😩

  • classy guys <3

  • I guess he showed everyone what he's Madoff.

  • The apocalypse is coming Elon doesn't lie

  • 24 thumbs down... now I do believe in beings from outer space, or brain donor survivors